Godotware Development

Godotware was developed by Computer Engineer freshmen, with the help of the students game-development group Gamux; it was a learning project, to help freshmen with possibly no previous programming experience to create simple games, thus creating a minigame collection as a bigger project and motivating the participants to present the game to others for a complete Game Development experience.

The project was inspired by “WarioWare”, a collection of minigames in which the player have to successfully play in sequence progressively faster, creating a funny and frenzied experience. This design was chosen to allow the novice developers to create simple game mechanics in 5 seconds minigames, focusing on learning the development tools and simple programming concepts.

The Godot game-engine was chosen for this projects instead of other known commercial game-engines for a couple of reasons:

  1. Godot is Free (as in freedom) - this is philosophically aligned with the project coordinators beliefs about Software Freedom and community-based projects.
  2. Godot is free (as in free-beer) - this is financially aligned with the project coordinators beliefs about spending money on software for a learning, beginners-friendly project.
  3. Godot is intuitive - GDScript (Godot internal language) is gramatically similar to Python (which is being used for teaching the college freshmen), and has a robust node-based architecture that is easy to learn.
  4. Godot has a growing community - the project coordinators believes that Godot has the potential to become one of the mainstream engines on the indie-game development market, beating other commercial engines on sheer community size.